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Bulgaria: Kiril Petkov and 4 other Politicians are Guarded by Security due to Threats from Russian Services

The National Security Service (NSS) has provided security for five high-ranking Bulgarian politicians, BNR reported.

The reason - threats made by foreign services. According to the BNR sources, the threats are from Russian services and those connected to Russia.

30 arrested for 'attempted coup' in Kyrgyzstan: official

More than 30 people accused of a coup plot have been arrested in Kyrgyzstan, the national security service said Tuesday.

The impoverished Central Asian country with ties to Russia and China has seen three presidents resign over political crises fuelled by corruption, nepotism and disputed votes since gaining independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General confirmed that his Family was Not in the Car at the time of the Explosion

The chief prosecutor was without his family in the car in front of which an explosion occurred last Monday. This was confirmed by Ivan Geshev in an interview with the National Television and stated that he was in the car with National Security Service officers.

Bulgaria: There Prosecutor General traveled without his Family - His Car was better Armored than the Presidential Car

"Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev was traveling alone in the armored car through the Yarema villa area with his assigned security guard from the National Security Service when an explosion occurred near his car. Members of his family did not accompany him", the Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Demerdzhiev announced during the parliamentary blitz control.

Assassination Attempt against the Bulgarian Prosecutor General (OVERVIEW)

An accident with the motorcade of the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev occurred on the road between Sofia and Samokov. According to information from the National Television, the chief prosecutor was supposed to travel to Turkey. Before leaving, he decided to go to a meeting with junior prosecutors in the Samokov region.

Bulgaria: The National Security Service removed Kiril Petkov's Security as “There is No Threat”

The National Security Service (NSS) has removed the security of former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov.

This was confirmed today by Petkov, currently an MP and co-chairman of "We Continue the Change".

The reason - a lost necessity, i.e. lack of threat to the person.

Bulgaria: More Details regarding the Police Operation against the Cryptocurrency Company NEXO (UPDATED)

The spokesperson of the Bulgarian Prosecutor General Siika Mileva and the head of the "Cybercrime" department Svetlio Vasilev gave details about the special operation of the prosecutor's office, the National Investigation Service, the State Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affairs against the cryptocurrency company NEXO.

Petkov: The Decision for the Russian Diplomats was Not Mine Alone

"There is an interdepartmental report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and there is a decision of the Security Council, which was attended by the Ministers of Interior, Defense, Foreign Affairs, Deputy Minister of Finance, Minister of e-Government, Chief of Defense, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Interior, SANS, the chairman of Intelligence Agency director of Military Int