National Social Security Institute

As of Today: Supplement of BGN 75 for Vaccinated Pensioners will be Paid Out

As of today - February 1 - the payment of the one-time BGN 75 to the vaccinated pensioners will begin, the National Social Security Institute announced.

At the end of last year, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov announced this as a measure to encourage vaccination before the new wave.

Bulgaria: Payment of BGN 75 Supplement to Vaccinated Pensioners Starts on February 1

The National Social Security Institute (NSSI) is starting the payment of the one-time supplement of BGN 75 to the pensions of Bulgarian pensioners who have met the requirements for completed vaccination course or have a booster vaccine dose. This was announced by the National Social Security Institute.

Census in Bulgaria Postponed, Start Will Depend on Epidemic Situation

Parliament voted on a legal possibility to postpone the census of the population in Bulgaria next year in the event of a declared state of emergency or an emergency epidemic. This gives the right of the Council of Ministers to be able to change the dateof census for population and housing stock in 2021.

The 60/40 Wage Support Scheme Works Great According to NEA

More than 156,000 employees from 10, 723 enterprises will keep their jobs thanks to the 60/40 wage support scheme, the Bulgarian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy announced. So far, the National Employment Agency has processed nearly 3,700 applications of Bulgarian employers for state aid which has to cover 60% of the salaries and the social security contributions of over 50,000 workers.

NSSI: Average Insurable Earnings in Bulgaria for December 2019 was BGN 1,063.32

The National Social Security Institute (NSSI) has reported that the average insurable earnings in Bulgaria for December 2019 was BGN 1,063.32, said the NSSI press office, Focus News Agency reported.
The average monthly insurable earnings for the period from 01 January 2019 to 31 December 2019 stood at BGN 986,52.