National Statistical Institute

Bulgarian Economy in a Pandemic - Construction and Industry Are Shrinking, Online Trade Is Boosting

According to preliminary adjusted data, retail trade in November contracted by 6.4% compared to a year earlier and increased by 1.2% compared to October, according to the National Statistical Institute.

On an annual basis, trade in food, beverages and tobacco products decreased the most - by 14.4%, and trade in automotive fuels and lubricants - by 15.8%.

Bulgaria: Nearly 380,000 Unemployed Registered in February-December 2020

The newly registered unemployed across Bulgaria were a little under 380,000 between February 3 and the end of December 2020, according to the latest data of the specialized weekly labour market survey of the National Statistical Institute and the Employment Agency occasioned by Covid-19 pandemic. Over the same period, 235,000 people have found jobs through the labour offices.

Mortality Rate in Bulgaria: Facts and Fiction

November 2020 is the deadliest month in Bulgaria for at least the last five years. This is according to preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) on mortality in the country, published this week. In November, 15,953 people died in Bulgaria, with an average of about 8,300 in the same month over the past 5 years. The increase is over 92%.

Bulgaria: Newly Registered Unemployed Are Increasing Sharply

The National Statistical Institute reported a sharp increase in the newly registered unemployed in the first week of December - over 14,200 people.

The data is from the specialized monitoring of the labor market because of Covid-19.

 Between February 3rd when this monitoring began, and December 6th there were over 361,000 people registered with the labor offices.

Bulgaria: Spike in Unemployment Registered in December

A sharp increase in newly registered unemployed reported the National Statistical Institute for the first week of December - over 14 200 people. The data are from the specialized labor market survey in time of    Covid-19 pandemic, BNR reported.

There have been just over 361,000 people registered with the labor offices since 3 February, when this survey began, until 6 December.