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Unemployment in Bulgaria is Starting to Rise

The newly registered unemployed Bulgarians in the whole country are again more than the ones who got a job - this is shown by the latest data from the specialized labor market monitoring of the National Statistical Institute and the preliminary data of the Employment Agency due to Covid-19. In the last week observed so far from October 11 to 17, they are 5300 and 3460 people, respectively.

Bulgaria Census 2021 Has Ended – How Many are the Bulgarians?

Today is the last day of visits to physical addresses in the national census. Those who counted electronically will be able to send the code received from the system to a special email opened by the National Statistical Institute.

At the moment, nearly five million and two hundred thousand Bulgarians have been counted, which is just under 75% of the population.

Bulgarian Census 2021: 5.2 Million People or 78% of the Population have been Counted so far

The census is slow - only 78 percent of people have been counted so far, and the deadline is Sunday, October 10, said at a press conference the head of the National Statistical Institute Sergei Tsvetarski.

Another extension will not help, and the data will become out of date, he said.

Bulgaria: 2.5 Million People Registered in Online Census

Only a third of Bulgarians have joined the census online. This option ended yesterday, with 2,403,458 people taking part, the chairman of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) Sergei Tsvetarski told BNT.   According to him, the number of those counted online is far below expectations.   Currently, another 2 million people are counted as interviewers.

Bulgaria: Manufactured Goods Shot up 18% in August

In August 2021, production prices in Bulgaria increased by 3% compared to the previous month and recorded a record growth on an annual basis of nearly 18% as a result of a sharp jump in energy prices, according to data from the National Statistical Institute, quoted by BNR. They are also evidence of a continued rise in inflation in the coming months.

Bulgarian Census 2021: Last day for Electronic Counting

Last day you can count electronically. The deadline expires today at midnight.

Then the only way to enter the statistics is through a counter. The deadline for this is extended to 20.00 on October 10. The National Statistical Institute reminds about the advantages of filling in the data electronically.

Inflation Rate in Bulgaria stands at 3.7 Percent Y/Y vs July 2020

The National Statistical Institute reported here on Wednesday that inflation in August 2021 was 3.7 per cent compared to August 2020, and 0.8 per cent compared to July 2021.
The inflation rate since the beginning of the year (August 2021 compared to December 2020) was 3.1 per cent.

New Bulgaria's Government Extends Deadline of Population Census

Bulgaria's caretaker cabinet has extended the deadline of the electronic census until the end of September. So far, 1 million people have already taken part in it. According to Sergei Tsvetarski, head of the National Statistical Institute, technical difficulties at the beginning of the campaign were not caused by the big number of participants, but by a malicious attack.