National Statistical Institute

Inflation since the beginning of the year has been 1.2%, annual inflation in March 2019 YoY is 3.6%

The consumer price index for March 2019 compared to February 2019 is 100.1%, ie, monthly inflation of 0.1%. Inflation from the beginning of the year (March 2019 versus December 2018) was 1.2%, and annual inflation in March 2019 compared to March 2018 was 3.6%.

The Population of Bulgaria is Declining and Aging

Under 7 million people is now the population of Bulgaria. This was made clear by the words of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) management, who today presented the demographic picture in the country up to December 31, 2018. According to the data at that date, the Bulgarians were 7 000 039 people, but the lasting trends show that to date we are certainly below that figure.

Industrial Production Index in Bulgaria Rises 1.5% MoM in February

In February 2019, the industrial production index rose 1.5% month-on-month, while compared with the same month of 2018, it climbed 6.6%, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) said. On annual basis, production grew 16.3% in the mining and quarrying industry and 9.1% in manufacturing, while power, gas, steam and air conditioning supply registered a 5.2% decrease.

Uncertain Economic Environment and Shortage of Workers Make Business Difficult in Bulgaria

In March 2019, the overall business climate indicator remained roughly the same as in February, as a business environment improvement was recorded only in retail. This shows the regular business surveys of the National Statistical Institute.

Hacker Attack is the Cause of NSI's "Business Statistics" Problems

The Business Statistics Information System is working again, the National Statistical Institute announced today, as access to it was again limited today.

The annual activity reports of the companies are submitted in the system. It accounts for over 600,000 individuals and legal entities.

Bulgarian Cabinet Reports 89% Implementation of the Plan to Reduce Barriers to Business

The government adopted a final report by the end of 2018 on the implementation of the third Action Plan to reduce administrative burdens for businesses, "with 30 percent of the legislation selected," the government's press service said.