National Statistical Institute

NSI: In January - November 2019, Bulgaria's Exports to EU Increase by 3.4% in Comparison with 2018

In the period January - November 2019, Bulgaria's exports to the EU grew by 3.4% in comparison with the same period of 2018 and amounted to BGN 36,223.9 Million, the National Statistical Institute said in a press release. The main trade partners of Bulgaria were Germany, Romania, Italy, Greece, France and Belgium, accounting for 66. 4% of the exports to the EU Member States.

At the End of the Year, Residential Buildings Put into Operation Increased by 50%

According to preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute, in the fourth quarter of 2019, the number of newly built residential buildings was 1,057 and the newly built dwellings in them were 4,474. Compared to the fourth quarter of 2018, the buildings were by 335 more (or by 46.4%), and the newly built dwellings in them increased by 2,101, or by 88.5%.

Bulgaria and Greece to Strengthen their Relations and to Deepen Cooperation in the Field of Tourism

The government has approved a draft Joint Action Programme between Bulgaria's Ministry of Tourism and Greece' Ministry of Tourism for 2020-2022, said the government press office.
The document reflects the willingness of the countries to strengthen their friendly relations and to contribute to the further development of cooperation in the field of tourism.

The Monthly Inflation in December 2019 was 0.7%

The consumer price index in December 2019 compared to November 2019 was 100.7%, i.e. the monthly inflation was 0.7%. The annual inflation in December 2019 compared to December 2018 was 3.8%, the National Statistical Institute (NSI) said in a press release.
The annual average inflation for January - December 2019 compared to the previous 12 months (January - December 2018) was 3.1%.

17.4% More People Spent their Vacation in 4 and 5 Stars Accommodation Establishments in November 2019 in Comparison with November 2018

In November 2019, 1 838 - accommodation establishments - hotels, motels, camping sites, mountain chalets and other establishments for short-term accommodation with more than 10 bed-places were functioned in the country. The total number of the rooms in them was 53.7 thousand and the bed-places were 108.7 thousand.