Watch how Israel’s commandos are being prepared for possible terrorist attacks

The Israeli Navy conducted a major training exercise off the coast of Eilat in the Red Sea simulating several possible scenarios of terrorist attacks.

Some of the scenarios the navy has been prepared for include the hijacking of a civilian vessel by terrorists, the violation of Israeli waters and a terrorist attack on a navy ship, according to

Bulgaria to Spend EUR 1.24 B to Acquire New Fighter Jets, Patrol Ships

Bulgaria will spend about BGN 2.42 B (EUR 1.24 B) to keep airborne its MiG-29s fighter jets and acquire new warplanes as well as patrol ships under a defence procurement investment plan approved by the government, the Defence Ministry said on Wednesday.

The cabinet approved the three investment projects earlier on Wednesday.

Bulgaria's Defence Council to Meet over Proposed Acquisition of New Warplane

The defence council to Bulgaria's defence ministry is expected to meet on Tuesday to review the draft project for acquisition of a new warplane for the needs of the country's air force.

This was announced by Bulgarian Defence Minister Nikolay Nenchev during a press conference on Monday.

Greece agrees on NATO migration patrols in Aegean Sea

There is no official statement issued by the Ministry of Defense in order to announce the decisions taken at today’s NATO meeting.

However, ANA-MPA news agency citing a government source reported that Greece welcomed  NATO’s involvement in dealing with refugee and migration flows as long as the country’s sovereignty is respected.