Turkey has world's 10th most powerful army

Turkey ranks 10th in the top militaries of the world list by Global Firepower, which lines up the strength of nations? armies in accordance with their spending, assets and staff. 

The figures on the Global Firepower website showed that Turkey has a relatively large military population, some 411,000, and a strong tank force of 3,778 vehicles. 

Mexico issues alert over stolen radioactive material

Authorities issued an alert for several Mexican states April 15 after thieves snatched potentially deadly radioactive material used for industrial radiography.
The iridium-192 source, marked X-571, was inside a container when it was stolen on Monday from a truck in Cardenas, a town in southern Tabasco state, the interior ministry said in a statement.

Montenegro Army Out of Date, Report Warns

The latest annual report on the Montenegrin Armed Forces has revealed serious shortcomings, including a lack of modern equipment and weapons and unbalanced age and professional structure.

The army inherited the bulk of its equipment from the former Yugoslavia, most of which is now outdated and unsuitable and does not meet NATO requirements, the report notes.