Turkey conducts exercises in eastern Mediterranean

Turkey has carried out naval exercises in the eastern Mediterranean, the defense ministry said on Dec. 20, against a backdrop of tensions with its neighbors over energy exploration in the region.    

The defense ministry said on its Twitter account that "elements of our navy command" conducted the exercises, without specifying the location other than "eastern Mediterranean."

The fortitude of the few

The easiest thing to be in the face of such a combination of difficult situations is indignant. Greece, however, is standing on its feet thanks to the fortitude and selflessness of those who did not look for excuses for the country's systemic failings.

This year's Romanian Navy Day celebrations move mainly online because of pandemic safety requirements

Due to the safety requirements imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the Romanian Navy Day will be celebrated differently this year, with most of the events moving online, the Ministry of National Defense said in a release today.

Annual naval exercise in Aegean comes to a close

Images were released on Saturday of last week's Hellenic Navy exercise that took place from Tuesday to Friday in the wider sea area of the central and northern Aegean. Frigates, surveillance ships, submarines, helicopters of the navy's aviation force and Hellenic Air Force planes took part in the four-day drill.

The Pentagon Officially Released 3 Short Videos of UFOs in America

The Pentagon has officially released three short videos showing "unidentified aerial phenomena" previously released by a private company. The videos show unidentified flying objects moving fast and recorded by infrared cameras. Two of the materials contain voices of people who respond with wonder at how fast the objects move. There is also the suggestion that this may be a drone.