Satellite reveals what Russia's doing: footage from the border released VIDEO / PHOTO

This has intensified especially lately, and the world media publish satellite images showing Russian troops and equipment.
Russia has denied any possibility of invasion, but troops build-up has been recorded on satellite images in bases surrounding the northern, eastern and southern borders of Ukraine.

Romanian Navy to hold Open Doors Day in military ports of Constanta, Mangalia, Braila, Tulcea

The Romanian Navy organises on Saturday, August 14, an Open Doors Day event in the military ports of Constanta, Mangalia, Braila and Tulcea, in compliance with the COVID-19 restrictions in place, according to a press statement released on Tuesday by the Navy.

Thousands Evacuated in Turkey as Fires Reach Power Plant

People being evacuated by Turkish navy ships. Photo: Turkish National Defense Ministry

"Flames have entered the thermal power plant," the Mayor of Milas, Muhammet Tokat, said on Wednesday night on Twitter, adding that the staff were evacuated.

Alevler Termik Santrale girdi… Santral şu an tamamen boşaltılıyor ve şimdi sirenler çalıyor…

Turkey to convene supreme council to name top military brass

Turkey will convene its Supreme Military Council (YAŞ) on Aug. 4, where decisions will be taken to name top military brass.


The YAŞ is convened every year to discuss promotions and dismissals of the high-ranking military personnel under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and with the participation of key civilian and military officials.

Moscow Claims Russian Jets and Ships Fired upon British Warship in Black Sea, UK Denies

More than 20 Russian aircraft and two coastguard ships have shadowed a British warship sailing near Crimea.

Moscow's defence ministry said that HMS Defender entered Russian territorial waters near Crimea while a patrol ship fired warning shots and a jet dropped bombs in its path.

Britain's Ministry of Defence (MoD) said no warning shots were fired.

US Navy tests warship’s metal with megablast

The U.S. Navy has started a series of tests on its newest and most advanced aircraft carrier by detonating powerful explosions to determine whether the ship is ready for war.

The first of the tests, which are known as Full Ship Shock Trials, occurred on June 18 when the Navy set off a giant explosive event near the USS Gerald R. Ford, according to a statement.