The New Cabinet: "There Is Such a People" will Not Spare any Bad News for the Cabinet

"Today we are electing a government that will have the difficult task of bringing Bulgaria out of severe crises. We understand the responsibility and will share it. Today is the end of time for slogans and empty promises," the chairman of the parliamentary group of "There Is Such a People" Victoria Vasileva said.

The New Cabinet: Ninova promised that Instead of a Sole Power Figure there will be Institutions

Bulgarian Socialist Party leader and deputy prime minister-designate Kornelia Ninova has announced that her party will be the guarantor of social policies in the new government. She chose some of the measures that are being adopted - to have free kindergartens for all children, to have no pensioners below the poverty line, to reduce imports in favor of Bulgarian agriculture.

The New Cabinet: Former Rapper Itzo Hazarta received Threats because he Supports Kiril Petkov

For the first time, Hristo Petrov from "We Continue the Change", who is known as the rapper Itzo Hazarta (Itzo The Gambler), spoke from the parliamentary rostrum. He told how Kiril Petkov invited him as a candidate for deputy, after which he asked people from political circles why he should not trust him.