New Democracy

Kasselakis vows to close gap with ND in European elections

SYRIZA will close the gap with ruling New Democracy and "shock Europe and the country" in June's European Parliament elections, its leader, Stefanos Kasselakis, has told the Delphi Economic Forum.

Describing polls are a "snapshot with a lag," the main opposition leader said it was his responsibility "for the renewed SYRIZA to put forth a new governance team as well as program."

ND designates Kasselakis as the major foe

Less than two months ahead of the European Parliament elections, ruling New Democracy, to its relief, has found that it can focus on one main rival, not two.

Having a single bogeyman to attack and attempt to delegitimize is the sine qua non - literally "without which, not" - precondition for every successful election campaign.

Beleri unlikely to be ND candidate in European Parliament elections

Fredi Beleri, an ethnic Greek mayor-elect in Albania sentenced to two years in prison in March for vote-buying, is unlikely to be a candidate for the European Parliament with Greece's ruling party, New Democracy, in June's European Parliament election, Kathimerini understands. 

Eurostat and the shielded economy

Managing public opinion is one of the tasks of every government. Some governments understand this process as a necessary, continuous, systematic explanation of their strategy to the country's citizens, to make it understandable and remove any unavoidable obstacles to its implementation. 

New Democracy’s 50th anniversary

This year New Democracy, Greece's ruling party, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. As the main political force of the center right, ND had been at the forefront of re-establishing democracy in 1974, under the leadership of Konstantinos Karamanlis who returned from exile that year and founded the party.

Parties’ electoral eligibility to be ruled on by end-May

The Supreme Court is expected to rule by the end of May on the eligibility of political parties contesting the June 9 European Parliament elections, including the far-right Spartiates (Spartans), who are being prosecuted for voter fraud.

The far-right party is accused of deceiving the electorate as to its real leadership.