New Democracy

Proper consultation

This time the debate on the tax bill is not taking place in a ceremonial fashion - simply because public consultation is required by law.
This time around, the consultation seems genuine.
The New Democracy government is reportedly already improving its proposals after taking into consideration citizens' comments and objections. Only good can come of this procedure.

Growing chasm

The biggest challenge facing Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is neither SYRIZA nor the smaller opposition parties nor popular protests. It is the migration crisis, because the issue tends to alienate the New Democracy leadership from the party's traditional base of supporters, local administration officials and deputies. 

Lawmakers approve changes in penal code

Greek MPs approved in principle on Wednesday night a Justice Ministry bill revising the penal code with stricter penalties for migrant trafficking, rape and child abuse.

The legislation was backed by ruling New Democracy, Movement for Change (KINAL) and far-right Greek Solution, while main opposition SYRIZA, the Communist Party and MeRA25 voted it down.

Past haunts SYRIZA

The leftist SYRIZA government was in a terrific rush to get its new penal code voted through the Greek Parliament just before the national election last summer. 

This has had a negative impact on financial crime cases that had been pending, including those involving stock market fraud that had shattered the confidence of foreign investors in the Greek economy.

Politics of noise

While New Democracy was still in opposition, certain media-savvy politicians helped dismantle the SYRIZA government. Their efforts were later rewarded at the ballot box.