New Democracy party

No confidence motion fails, 141-159

The no-confidence motion tabled against the government by several opposition parties failed Thursday night, with 141 MPs voting for and 159 against.

The 158 MPs of the ruling New Democracy party were joined by an independent MP, who has bolted from the far-right Spartiates (Spartans), to reject the motion.

Society’s red lines

Parliament's investigative committee for the Tempe rail disaster wrapped up its deliberations, with the findings submitted by the ruling New Democracy party being approved by the House majority. One of the key conclusions that has emerged is that seven separate violations of the rail operator's regulations were confirmed.

Kasselakis urges PM to ‘stop hiding’ amid data breach allegations

Leftist SYRIZA opposition leader Stefanos Kasselakis has reacted to the ruling New Democracy party's decision to exclude MEP Anna-Michelle Asimakopoulou from their candidate list for the European elections, labeling it as political tactics. Asimakopoulou is accused of using an official, non-public voter register for campaigning.

Poll: ND continues to dominate voting intentions

The ruling New Democracy party maintains a sizable lead over PASOK and SYRIZA, according to a new opinion poll.

Estimated vote intention - after eliminating blank and invalid votes and declared no-shows - gives center-right New Democracy 36.5% of the vote, ahead of socialist PASOK (14.9%), left-wing SYRIZA (13.%), the Communist Party (8.7%) and far-right Greek Solution (8.0%).

Opposition deficit

There is no substantial political opposition in the country, which leaves people with nowhere to channel their dissatisfaction or anger, and no assurance that there's an alternative governing option if desired. It is a conundrum that is unhealthy politically for Greek citizens.

Historic Moment: Greece Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage!

In a historic move, Greece has passed a landmark bill legalizing same-sex marriage, marking a significant step forward for LGBTQ+ rights in the country. With a decisive vote of 176 members in favor out of the 300-seat parliament, the legislation to recognize gay families has been approved, Reuters reports.

Poll confirms ND lead, highlights cost of living as Greeks’ primary concern

The ruling New Democracy party maintains a significant 18-point lead in voting intentions over  PASOK, which appears to be solidifying its position as the second choice among voters, according to the latest public survey conducted by Pulse on behalf of Skai TV.