New Democracy party

Failed politicians on the party ticket

The truth is that SYRIZA does not have the moral high ground to call for the removal of Kostas A. Karamanlis (III), who resigned as transport minister in the conservative administration following the deadly train collision, from the New Democracy party ticket. Not because the main leftist opposition does not have a say on the issue.

SYRIZA says ERGOSE board is made up of ND functionaries

Main opposition SYRIZA has attacked the government over the composition of the board of ERGOSE, a subsidiary of the state-owned railway company OSE that is responsible building infrastructure, saying it was exclusively made up of individuals drawn from the ranks of the ruling New Democracy party.

Govt spokesperson: “We have to be ready for any eventuality”

The Greek government spokesperson stressed our country's readiness for any eventuality, as far as Turkish provocations are concerned, while he also noted that: "We are not complacent. We have to be ready for any eventuality with Turkey."

Mr. Economou stressed that Greece's "trump card" is its relations with its allies and the strengthening of its defence.

Zachariadis to – The sooner the elections are held, the better for the country

SYRIZA MP, Costas Zachariadis, expressed his confidence that whenever elections take place, the SYRIZA party will be the first party and that Alexis Tsipras will form a progressive government from the first Sunday, speaking at the stand of the OT at the Thessaloniki International Fair.