Office for Kosovo and Metohija

Milena Ivanovic joined SNS

This was posted on Twitter by SNS official and Director of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija, Marko Djuric.
He wrote that as of today, SNS has become richer for "a person of unprecedented energy, perseverance, sacrifice for her family and Serbia".

The airline between Belgrade and Pristina to be restored

This, he said, would allow the airline between Belgrade and Pristina to be restored after 20 years.
Djuric told RTS that the line could come to life after the abolition of taxes on goods from central Serbia and the continuation of dialogue, which is also a precondition for the abolition of anti-civilization taxes.

Vucic: We will strive to find all missing persons

Serbia's President made this statement during a visit to the Association of Families of Kidnapped and Missing Persons in Kosovo and Metohija.
He left this message in a memorial book of the Association, where some of the members passed on to him some of the tragic stories in Kosovo and Metohija, of their beloved ones who were gone missing or killed in the period from 1998 to 2004.