North Macedonia’s PM Resigns Following Local Election Defeat

In an address late on Sunday evening, Zoran Zaev said he is resigning from his position as North Macedonia's Prime Minister and as leader of the Social Democrats, after the party's defeat in the capital of Skopje and other important towns to the opposition right-wing VMRO DPMNE party during the election runoffs this weekend.

Donika Gervalla-Schwarz: Childhood Emigrant Becomes Kosovo’s Top Diplomat

Gervalla-Schwarz was born in North Macedonia capital, Skopje, in 1971, when it was still part of socialist Yugoslavia. She spent her early childhood living between Skopje and Pristina, where her father, Jusuf Gervalla, was a well-known writer, singer and artist.

Kosovo’s Next Foreign Policy: A Wish List

To help flesh this out, here is my wish list for what an active, innovative and principled foreign policy should include:

End the custodian and vassal relationships

Supporters of the Vetevendosje party celebrate the party's projected victory in the parliamentary elections, in Pristina, Kosovo, 2021. Photo: EPA-EFE/VALDRIN XHEMAJ

Is AKP revolution devouring its own children too?

It is the fate of all revolutions to devour their own children as they clear obstacles from the path. If you consider the Justice and Development Party's (AK Parti) time in power to be a "democratic revolution through votes," (or the "AK revolution" as the official party line goes), you may conclude that history has started to repeat itself within the AK Parti.

Greeks Reject Creditors' Bailout Terms in Referendum - Partial Results

Partial results from Sunday's referendum in Greece indicate voters have rejected the terms of a bailout-for-reforms deal proposed by the country's international creditors.

With over 30% of the votes counted, rejection of the bailout terms by a 'No' vote stood at 60%, while 40% had voted 'Yes' to accept the agreement put forward by creditors on 25 June.