US releases video of Russian jet dumping fuel on its drone

The Pentagon has released footage of what it says is a Russian aircraft conducting an unsafe intercept of a U.S. Air Force surveillance drone in international airspace over the Black Sea.

The 42-second video, released Thursday, shows a Russian Su-27 approaching the back of the MQ-9 drone and beginning to release fuel as it passes, the Pentagon said.

"Answer me, do you want war?"

Commenting on threats by a number of US senators, specifically Lindsey Graham from South Carolina, that Russian planes in international airspace should be shot down if they approach U.S. military equipment, Antonov pointed out that such calls by U.S. congressmen "exceed the limits of common sense".

Ankara sending out signal for improved relations

Turkey wants to "share the wealth of the Aegean," its defense minister, Hulusi Akar, said at the weekend, while Ankara seeks to maintain a low tone in Greek-Turkish relations and is sending signals of cooperation to Athens. In interviews with CNN Turk TV and the Anadolu Agency, Akar referred positively to the phone conversation he had with his Greek counterpart Nikos Panagiotopoulos.

Iraqi Kurds, oil, and Turkey: Why Amos Hochstein’s energy schemes are a disservice to Iraq and US interests

Expert Michael Rubin, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute and former Pentagon official, joins Thanos Davelis to break down why Biden administration officials like Amos Hochstein, who are encouraging Iraqi Kurds to sell oil to Turkey, are doing not only Iraq, but Iraqi Kurds and US interests from the Middle East to the Eastern Mediterranean a disservice.

Mojsilovic meets with Milley

BELGRADE- As part of an official visit to the US, Serbian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff Gen Milan Mojsilovic had separate meetings in the Pentagon with US Armed Forces Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen Mark Milley and other officials of the US Department of Defence.

Pentagon: Chinese spy balloon spotted over Western US

The U.S. is tracking a suspected Chinese surveillance balloon that has been spotted over U.S. airspace for a couple days, but the Pentagon decided not to shoot it down over concerns of hurting people on the ground, officials said Thursday. The discovery of the balloon puts a further strain on U.S.-China relations at a time of heightened tensions.

"Frustrating" information for Ukraine. They won't like this

Four senior officials of the Ministry of Defense told this to the members of the Armed Forces Committee during a "confidential briefing".
This assessment will certainly frustrate Kyiv, which has reiterated on numerous occasions that the return of the peninsula is one of its main goals, "Politico" reports.

Direct threat: Do not provoke, it will erupt in an hour... Open war

The comments come amid speculation about Washington's possible involvement in a recent drone attack on an Iranian military factory.
"Using the military option at any level means US entering into war," Tehran's permanent mission to the UN told Newsweek on Monday. Iran currently considers such a possibility to be weak, according to the statement.