Did Turkey target Syrian Kurdish leader and US personnel with a drone strike?

This weekend missiles from a drone nearly hit a US convoy carrying American personnel and Mazlum Kobane, a top American ally in the fight against the Islamic State and the commander in chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces.

Kobane said he was the target of an assassination, while the Pentagon said the strikes "directly threatened the safety of US personnel" working to defeat IS.

The Pentagon sees a Serious Risk to National Security from the Leaked Documents

The leak of intelligence information was defined by the Pentagon as a "serious risk to the national security of the United States". The case is being investigated by the US Department of Justice, and the disclosed documents contain classified information about the war in Ukraine, as well as data on Washington spying on both its adversaries and allies.

They don't trust him? The USA spied on Zelensky

They referred to secret Pentagon documents that were leaked online.
"One document reveals that the U.S. spied on Zelensky," the channel said.
As it is added, a source close to the Ukrainian president is not surprised by this situation and called it "expected". It is also noted that Ukrainian officials are deeply disappointed by the leaked documents.

The Biden administration blamed Trump for the Chaotic Withdrawal from Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden's administration has blamed his predecessor Donald Trump for the deadly and chaotic withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in 2021, leading to one of the darkest moments of Biden's presidency, the Associated Press reported.

As the Afghan government fell, there were scenes of despair at Kabul airport as huge crowds tried to flee the Taliban, the BBC recalled.