Permanent Electoral Authority

#EuropeanElections2019/MAI spokesperson:It's normal and legal for voters to be asked if they vote for both ballots

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MAI), Monica Dajbog, said that "'it's normal and legal for voters to be asked if they vote both for the European Parliament elections, as well as for the referendum or for just one of the ballots." "As to complaints, especially online, regarding the fact that before receiving the voting bulletins voters are asked if they're voting both for

#Europeanelections2019 /European elections, justice referendum Sunday in Romania; over 18 million voters expected at ballot boxes

More than 18 million voters are expected on Sunday to designate 33 representatives of Romania to the European Parliament and to vote in a national consultative referendum convened by President Klaus Iohannis on justice matters. The voters will receive three ballot papers - one for the European elections and two for the referendum.

AEP: Computer operators of polling stations around the country to be established on 2 May

The Permanent Electoral Authority (AEP) informed that on 2 May, at 14:00hrs, at the headquarters of the institution, a random draw of the computer operators of the electoral offices of the polling stations around the country will take place.

JusMin Toader on possible suspension of President: It is not within my competence, I do not consider myself political person

Bucharest, May 5 /Agerpres/ - Justice Minister Tudorel Toader said on Saturday in Sinaia that he is not within his competence to discuss the prospect of a suspension of the President but of the leaders of the ruling majority alliance.

Romania Election Boss Faces Corruption Charge

Prosecutors from Romania's National Anticorruption Directorate on Tuesday arrested the head of the Permanent Electoral Authority, AEP, Ana Maria Patru, and charged her with influence peddling and money laundering.

Patru, 40, faces three accounts of influence peddling and two accounts of money laundering committed between 2007 and 2015.

Romanian Anti-Graft Prosecutors Probe Electoral Authority

National Anticorruption Directorate prosecutors carried out searches on Tuesday at the Permanent Electoral Authority, AEP headquarters in Bucharest.

Their target was the head of the AEP, Ana Maria Patru, who according to Anticorruption Directorate sources is under investigation for alleged influence peddling and possible money laundering committed from 2008 to 2015.