Pirogov hospital

Hitchhockian Horror in Sofia – Crows Attack People

"One crow pecked me on the head and the other attacked me in the back of my leg, I felt a blow as one bird continued to chase me, the pain was quite strong, my calf was cramping and I went straight to Pirogov emergency hospital," relates on BNR Andronika Martonova, an art historian and associate professor at the Institute for Art Studies of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Pirogov Hospital: Patients Without a PCR Test for COVID-19 Are Not Accepted

New, stricter rules have been introduced at Pirogov Hospital because of the coronavirus. Patients without a PCR test for COVID-19 are now not accepted. The goal is to limit the spread of the virus among staff, Nova TV reports. The tightening of the measures came after dozens of medics tested positive for the coronavirus.

45-Year Old Woman was Hit by a Public Transport Bus

45-year old woman was hit by a public transport bus 83 at the intersection of Krasno Selo, according to the Sofia Interior Directorate, DarikNews reported.

The woman was crossing at a red light. She was immediately taken to Pirogov Hospital.

There is an ambulance and police at the scene. Traffic is blocked, trams are stopped.

Telenor Bulgaria Holds Second 5G Trial

Telenor Bulgaria held its second 5G trial during which three couples of amateur cooks were monitored and helped remotely by chef Andre Tokev from Burgas. The chef was mentoring the amateur-cooks over 5G  through VR glasses and a live video feed captured with a 360-degrees camera placed in the kitchen in his restaurant in Sofia where the amateur cooks prepared food.

A Car Ran over Three Girls and a Boy in Sofia and Fell into the Perlovska River

A car has hit four young people aged between 15 and 17 near the Georgi Asparuhov Stadium in Sofia, after which it fell in the Perlovska River, the Ministry of Interior announced.

Three girls and a boy were injured. They are placed in Pirogov Hospital without immediate danger to their lives, they said. Two of the girls have been injured in falling from a height.

Man was Stabbed with a Knife in the Sofia Quarter of Lyulin

A man is at risk for his life after he was attacked and stabbed with a knife the night before Tuesday in front of a block of flats in the Lyulin 7 quarter of Sofia, mediapool reported. Police and ambulance teams were sent to the site. The injured person was taken to Pirogov Hospital in a severe condition. The reasons for the attack are unknown.

Six New Centers for Emergency Medical Care in Sofia

Six new outpatient emergency centers will be opened in Zemliyane, Pirogov Hospital and Diagnostic and Consultation Centers - 5, 12, 23 and 24.

This was told to journalists by the director of the Emergency Medical Center Sofia-city Dr. Georgi Gelev. He attended with the Minister of Health Kiril Ananiev the opening of an Emergency Aid Branch in Bozhurishte.