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Serbian voters resoundingly endorse leader's pro-EU policies

Serbia's pro-western Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic won a resounding endorsement in the April 24 general election for his policy of pursuing European Union membership, securing four more years in power with a parliamentary majority. 

But he will have to contend with a resurgent ultra-nationalist opposition which rejects integration with the EU and demands closer ties with Russia. 

Serbia Holds Early General Elections

Early parliamentary elections along with elections for the assembly of the autonomous province of Vojvodina and for most local assemblies are taking place in Serbia on Sunday.

Polling stations opened at 7 o'clock (CET) and the voting will last until 20 o'clock (CET).

A total of 3270 candidates on twenty electoral lists are competing to win one of the 250 parliamentary seats.

Serbia Goes to Polls in Series of Elections

Voters in Serbia on Sunday choose new national and provincial parliaments as well as the largest number of local asemblies.

In the parliamentary elections, 20 political lists with a total of 3,270 candidates will be competing for 250 seats.

Some 15 election lists are taking part in the race for 120 seats in the assembly of the autonomous northern province of Vojvodina.

Serbian Media Favour Progressives, Opposition Say

Opposition politicians in Serbia claim the ruling Progressive Party is getting most air time on televisions for its election campaign, while the opposition can only find space in alternative, social media.

"We are presented in the media by a very small percentage, if we are presented at all," Zoran Krasic, from the Serbian Radical Party, told BIRN.

Iceland's PM Resigns over Panama Papers Revelations

Iceland's prime minister has tendered his resignation two days after his name was linked to the Panama Papers offshore tax revelations, international newswires reported on Tuesday.

Sigmunder David Gunlaugsson is the first major casualty of the global Panama Papers leaks from law firm Mossack Fonseca, which have brought the world offshore finance into the spotlight.