Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime

Here's where school bomb threats come from

Also this morning, reports of planted bombs were received at primary and secondary schools throughout Belgrade, and the police carried out checks at those locations. Children and employees have been evacuated from schools, and while some are waiting to return to classes, some schools have sent notices to parents to pick up their children.

Matic: "Curuvija was killed by the state, it was proven by the trial" VIDEO

Matic pointed out that this was unequivocally proven by the trial, which ended yesterday in the first instance verdict of members of the State Security Service (SDB).
"On the same day he was killed, it was clear that the state was behind it because it had been destroying his newspaper for months prior to that. Curuvija was its target", Matic told TV Prva.

Indictment filed against Belivuk, containing more than 300 pages

More than 322 pages of evidence and other charges have been sent to court for confirmation.
It should be recalled that they are currently accused of five murders, illegal possession and distribution of narcotics and weapons, kidnapping and rape.
The indictment covers 31 defendants, including witnesses - defendants.

It's confirmed: Human DNA found in a meat grinder VIDEO / PHOTO

Minister of the Interior, Aleksandar Vulin, stated today that after the expertise, the members of the Ministry of the Interior and the Prosecutor's Office for Organized Crime definitely confirmed that several DNA samples of several victims were detected in the meat grinder found in the house belonging to Belivuk and Marko Miljkovi clan in Belgrade's Ritopek neighborhood.


Associate of Velja Nevolja in the company of two state prosecutors, Dolovac reacted

At the time of his arrest, Djukanovic was in the company of Tomo Zoric, a member of the State Prosecutors' Council, and Milica Ljubicic, a deputy of the Second Basic Public Prosecutor.
Also in Pancevo, two people close to the criminal clan of Velja Nevolja and Marko Miljkovi Mare were detained.