Recovery Fund

Skalkos to – NSRF and Recovery Fund will create 300,000 new positions

For resources of about 80 billion euros from the new NSRF, the Development Fund and other financial instruments, most of the resources we had at our disposal after the war and without leverage, will be at the disposal of the Greek economy according to Dimitris Skalkos, Secretary General Investment and NSRF, who spoke at the stand of

Government turns to economy and investment – Who will get liquidity by December

The government is focusing on economy and stimulating liquidity, thus restarting with a horizon of 2023. While the scenarios for a cabinet reshuffle emerge- in view of the cabinet meeting on Tuesday - the two-year plan of the government for the recovery with a whiff of the Corporate Pact for the Development Framework and the Recovery Fund.

What Fitch and BofA see for the Greek economy – Prospects and risks

International and domestic analysts see positive signs for the course of the Greek economy in 2021, but also in 2022, guided by both the resilience of GDP in the previous quarters, the best of the expected tourism July - August and of course the disbursements of the Recovery Fund.

Tax cuts, the TIF and the anxiety about GDP

The Greek economy has a hot two months ahead of it, following a heavy agenda of events and challenges, where in particular the "appointments" of September and October will determine, among other things, the government's decisions on the new tax cuts.

The battle is on two fronts: first, the Delta mutation - armed with vaccines - does not destroy plans for an open economy this year.

Skylakakis: A general lockdown is not on the table

"Revenues are very important this year because it is a year that the budget has been injured due to the coronavirus", stressed the Deputy Minister of Finance, Theodoros Skylakakis, speaking on the ANT1 show "Summer Together".

At the same time, Mr. Skylakakis stressed that "the good course of revenues is the basis for the coming years when the pandemic will be overcome."

Handelsblatt: Is Greece a development champion?

Handelsblatt once again points out the beneficial role of the Recovery Fund for the Greek economy and notes: "The government wants to use the Recovery Fund to gain a broader base for the economy, which today depends heavily on tourism. The differentiation concerns sectors, which until today we would not connect with Greece: information technology, pharmaceutical industry, logistics, energy.

The first 12 projects of the “Greece 2.0” Plan from the Recovery Fund

The technical data sheets have been approved and the first 12 projects of the "Greece 2.0" Plan with a total budget of 1.42 billion euros are starting. The approval was given by the Deputy Minister of Finance, Theodoros Skylakakis, who is responsible for the Recovery Fund, following a relevant suggestion of the Special Coordination Service of the Fund.