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Anything but typical: America’s 2024 presidential election 

Those with any interest in American elections should pay particular attention to our 2024 presidential election. It is shaping up to be different than 70% of post-WWII elections in our two-party democratic system. Our elections usually present a choice between the presidential nominee of the Democratic Party and the nominee of the Republican Party.

Trump's interview with Tucker Carlson compared to the first Republican Presidential Debate garnered Millions of Views

Former US President Donald Trump, who decided to skip the first presidential debate of the contenders for the nomination of the Republican Party, has collected millions of views in an interview on the social network "X" (formerly "Twitter") last night, "on the back" of the appearance of his opponent on "Fox News", reported "Reuters".

GOP candidates tangle in Milwaukee as they vie to be alternative to Trump

The Republican presidential candidates vying to be the leading alternative to front-runner Donald Trump fought — sometimes bitterly — over abortion rights, U.S. support for Ukraine and the future of the party during the first primary debate of the 2024 campaign.

Trump calls on GOP to rally around him as he threatens primary challenges

At a moment of growing legal peril, Donald Trump ramped up his calls for his GOP rivals to drop out of the 2024 presidential race as he threatened to primary Republican members of Congress who fail to focus on investigating Democratic President Joe Biden and urged them to halt Ukrainian military aid until the White House cooperates with their investigations into Biden and his family.