Republican Party

Thoughts about the next US president

By the time you are reading these lines, the presidential election in the United States will be over. You will know, in other words, whether the next American president will be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. But I am writing these lines many hours before the election results. I have no idea, therefore, who will be the next leader of the world's superpower. 

Trump brands himself an agent of change on eve of elections

In a bid to frame the final days of the 2016 race for the White House against his democratic rival, GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump said on Friday in a scheduled stop in Ohio that he would bring “real change” to Washington if elected, and proposed doing so by getting rid of Hillary Clinton first.

Trump campaign denies apology, Nedeljnik makes a statement

Donald Trump’s campaign claims that the GOP nominee never apologized to the Serbs for the 1999 NATO bombing, and accuses Nedeljnik of fabricating the interview.

Magazine Nedeljnik from Belgrade said they’ll investigate these claims, but they leave the possibility of being duped, and also the possibility of Trump campaign deciding to distance themselves from the spoken words.