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Liberals to validate proposal of prime minister Wednesday

National Liberal Party (PNL) First Deputy Chairman Rares Bogdan announced that the Liberals will validate the prime minister proposal at a meeting of the National Political Bureau (BPN) on Wednesday. "We will discuss tomorrow [the proposals of prime minister]. We will validate in the evening, probably in the BPN meeting around 19.00 or 20.00, after we talk about the proposals at noon.

ParliamentaryElections2020/BEC - Partial results: Senate - PSD: 29.83pct, PNL: 24.66pct, Chamber - PSD: 29.39pct, PNL - 24.24pct

The PSD (Social Democratic Party) gathered 29.83 per cent of the votes for Senate in the parliamentary election on Sunday, and 29.39 per cent of the votes for the Chamber of Deputies, while the PNL (National Liberal Party) gathered 24.66 per cent of the votes for the Senate and 24.24 per cent of the votes for the Chamber of Deputies, after the centralization of the votes at the level of the cen

ParliamentaryElections2020/INTERVIEW/Kelemen Hunor: UDMR supports political government, we had technocratic gov't and it was disastrous

The chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), Kelemen Hunor, stated, in an interview granted to AGERPRES, that he supports categorically a political government, because the technocratic one was "disastrous", mentioning that he would like a center-right executive.

USR's Barna: USR Deputies, Senators to submit their resignation to Parliament

USR (Save Romania Union) Deputies and Senators will submit their resignation to Parliament, on Tuesday, as they do not want to be part of those who will receive service pensions, the leader of this party, Dan Barna, made the announcement. "Service pensions defy the honest people in this country. Representing people's will is an honour, not a burden.

USR asks President Iohannis to send modification of education law to reexamination over sexual education classes

Save Romania Union (USR) MPs ask President Klaus Iohannis, in a letter, not to promulgate the modification of the education law referring to the sexual education classes, as voted by Parliament on June 3, and send it instead to the Legislature for a reexamination, for "the modification voted by Parliament violates the pupils' right to education." USR brought to mind that Parliament voted a modi

USR's Barna proposes consultations among parliamentary parties to establish election date

USR (Save Romania Union) leader Dan Barna on Wednesday said that setting a date for the local elections should be a "technical" decision and proposed "urgent" consultations between parliamentary parties on the issue, in the context in which, according to some sources, the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR) ruled as unconstitutional the normative acts regarding the extension of the local elec

USR: Bill on state of alert favors politicization of public administration

Save Romania Union (USR) cautioned in a press release on Tuesday that the Government's bill on the state of alert "favors the politicization of the public administration" and announced that it drew up a series of amendments, including on the termination, after six months, of the labour contracts of the persons employed without contest in public institutions.

USR Bucharest proposes public transportation system capacity be reduced to 30pct

USR (Save Romania Union) Bucharest proposes six measures to be taken in the case of the public transportation system after May 15, among which the limitation of this system's capacity to 30 per cent and avoiding face to face contact between passengers.

Parliament: Online meeting on President's decree on extending state of emergency

Parliament will convene on Thursday in an online meeting to debate and vote on President Klaus Iohannis' request regarding the extension of the state of emergency on Romania's territory, established under Decree No 240/2020. The meeting is scheduled to begin at 12,00hrs. The legal, defence and health committees of the two Chambers issued approval reports on Wednesday on the President's decree.

USR's Barna: IntMin's decision, as wrong as it is popular

Save Romania Union (USR) leader Dan Barna believes that there is a risk that the special measures imposed by the pandemic to be "artificially prolonged" through the decision to send policemen to massively interact with the vulnerable categories. "The state of emergency should remain an exceptional measure and not be prolonged by any second more than needed.