Romanian Academy

Clima 2019: Construction involves highest energy consumption compared to other economic sectors

The field of construction involves the highest energy consumption compared to other economic sectors such as transport, industry and agriculture, according to the experts present at the 13th edition of the International Congress Clima 2019 that is taking place these days in Bucharest.

Romanian Academy president Ioan-Aurel Pop advocates appreciation of the idea of freedom

President of the Romanian Academy, historian Ioan-Aurel Pop, advocated on Tuesday for the appreciation of the idea of freedom that many people having taken to the streets of Brasov in December 1989 dreamed of, because otherwise we "mock" what is precious for the Romanian people," we become the pygmies" and we are mocking ourselves first and foremost.

Romania-France Cultural Season: Paintings by Grigorescu, Manet, Renoir displayed at Romanian Academy Library

An exhibition called "Romania / France - Cultural Itineraries" comprising of a series of manuscripts, archival documents, correspondence, rare books, drawings and engravings that attest to the dynamics and developments in the historical ties between Romania and France opened on Friday at the Library of the Romanian Academy.

#AGERPRES130 President of Romanian Academy: National News Agency - among Romania state's fundamental institutions

AGERPRES National News Agency ranks among the fundamental institutions of the Romanian state, considers the President of the Romanian Academy, Ioan-Aurel Pop. "I believe that AGERPRES belongs now with the fundamental institutions of the Romanian state.

Chamber of Deputies passes draft law on long-term national strategy "Romania 2040"

The Chamber of Deputies, a decision-making body on this draft law, passed on Wednesday the bill on the drawing up and updating of the long-term national strategy "Romania 2040", which provides for the establishment to this end of the "Romania 2040" Committee, headed by the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies.

President Iohannis attends Te Deum service at Patriarchal Cathedral occasioned by Romanian Principalities Union Day

President Klaus Iohannis attended the Te Deum religious service at the Patriarchal Cathedral on Thursday, officiated by Patriarch Daniel of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR), occasioned by the celebration of the Romanian Principalities Union Day.

European Commissioner Cretu announces she'll run as Pro Romania candidate in elections to European Parliament

European Commissioner for Regional Policy Corina Cretu announced on Thursday that she will run as a candidate of the Pro Romania party in the elections to European Parliament, which are to be held on 26 May.

National Culture Day: Festive session attended by President Iohannis, exhibitions, concerts, film screenings

A festive session organised at the Romanian Athenaeum in the presence of President Klaus Iohannis, exhibition mountings, concerts, film screenings, workshops dedicated to children or guided tours are only a few of the events dedicated to the National Culture Day, as scheduled to unfold on Tuesday in Bucharest.

Centennial of Romanian press, celebrated at Palace of the Patriarchate

A centenary of Romanian press was celebrated on Thursday, at a gala, at the Palace of the Patriarchate, where academician Eugen Simion, head of the Department of Literature and Philology with the Romanian Academy affirmed that journalism has "a moral role and a national role."