Romanian Communist Party

POST-REVOLUTION ROMANIA, 1990: The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant (MNTR)

On February 5, 1990, then Minister of Culture Andrei Plesu reopened the the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, naming painter Horia Bernea its director. One of the greatest contemporary Romanian painters, whose exhibitions in the country and abroad have remained as permanent reference points in the field, Bernea was born in Bucharest, on September 14, 1938.

Balcony from where Ceausescu delivered his speech, his office, Securitate cells toured by thousands

Thousands of people toured the former building of the Central Committee (CC) of the Romanian Communist Party (PCR) on Sunday, the current headquarters of the Interior Ministry (MAI), with people having access to spaces that were never open to the public - such as the arrest of the former Securitate, located in the basement of the CC, or the balcony from the first floor, where Nicolae Ceausescu

REVOLUTION 30: What happened in Timisoara, over December 16-20, 1989

The year 1989 meant the end of the communist regime in the Central and Eastern European countries. Romania was the only ex-communist country in the case of which the switch to democracy was violent, involving protests and street fights, and the only country where the leaders of the former regime got executed.

Large protest announced for Saturday in Piata Victoriei, with over 250,000 participants

A large protest is announced for Saturday in the Piata Victoriei of Bucharest, one year since the antigovernment manifestations of the Diaspora of 10 August, resulted in the intervention in force of the gendarmes, a release by the Bucharest City Hall informs.

USR: Victims of December 1989 revolution need justice

The Save Romania Union (USR) hailed the conclusion of the investigation into the Revolution file by the military prosecutors and believes that, after almost 30 years since the death of more than one thousand Romanians and injury of more thousands, the justice system finally has the opportunity to do justice to victims and their families.

There’s something about Delia. Who is the new IMF Chief to Greece? (pics + vid)

Delia Velculescu has replaced Rishi Goyal as head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) head representative to Greece. Rumors state that the replacement was due to his rigid and uncompromising behavior during negotiations as well as Velcusescu’s own experience in assessing Greece’s financial affairs.