Romania's parliament

Romania Looks to Diaspora to Fill Labour Shortage

Romania's parliament is to discuss a bill that would allow ethnic Romanians from non-EU countries in the Balkans to get jobs in Romania more easily than other non-EU citizens, to meet a growing labour shortage.

MPs from a number of parties submitted the bill to the Senate last week. It must now be discussed by parliamentary commissions and in plenary sessions.

Serbian president visiting Romania

Vucic will be welcomed with a ceremony and meet with Romanian counterpart Klaus Werner Iohannis.

He will also lead Serbia's delegation in a plenary meeting between the delegations of the two countries.

During his one-day visit, Vucic will have separate meetings with presidents of both houses of Romania's parliament, and with the country's prime minister.

Romanian MPs to Debate Chemical Castration Legislation

The Romanian parliament is set to debate a bill on 'chemical castration' for sex offenders again, after a police officer was prosecuted for several assaults on minors. 

Romania's parliament is to again debate 'chemical castration' as an optional sentence for sex offenders after a police officer was caught on camera assaulting two children in January.