Russian Air Force

Russia has Sent a Humanitarian Aid Plane to the United States

Russia has announced today that it has sent a humanitarian aid plane to the United States, where the coronavirus pandemic has already claimed more than 4,000 casualties, according to the France Press.

An AN-124 of the Russian Air Force, loaded with protective masks and medical equipment, has flown to the United States, the Defense Ministry said in Moscow.

Russian media: Turkish military forces strike Russian aircrafts

"The Syrian army is literally being rescued by aviation - both by their own and Russian aviation. The Syrian Air Force and Russian Air Force planes stop militants day in, day out," Middle East correspondent Evgeny Poddubny said.
According to him, Turkish forces and militants are actively using air defense systems. Russian and Syrian aviation use heat baits for fire protection.

Russian Air Force launched an air strike, Moscow immediately called Ankara

According to "Russia Today", the Turkish-funded militants have been targeting Syrian army positions.
The Russian ministry adds that Turkish forces ceased the attack after Moscow made contact with Ankara.
Turkey should suspend support for "terrorist groups" in Syria's Idlib province, Russia's Defense Ministry said.

Russia Threatened to Place more Missiles near Poland

Russia can respond to the deployment of the US Armored Division in Poland by positioning additional Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad. This was stated by the Chairman of the Defense Committee in the Russian Parliament and former commander of the Russian Air Force troops Vladimir Shamanov, quoted by the World Agencies.

Russia: We Killed 304 ISIS Members in Just 2 Days in Syria

304 members of Islamic state were killed in Syria by the Russian air force in the last 48 hours, RIA Novosti reported.

Moscow's Defense Ministry official, Igor Konashenkov, at a power office briefing said airplanes made dozens of strikes on the positions of the jihadist group in the Middle East.

Russian-Serbian Joint Aviation Drills Kick Off in Central Russia

Joint Russian-Serbian BARS (Brotherhood of Aviators of Russia and Serbia) tactical flight drills have kicked off in the Russian central city of Lipetsk, Russia's Defense Ministry said on Monday.

The drills are carried out in accordance with the international military cooperation plan and will conclude at the end of next week, according to the ministry.