Russian Foreign Ministry

Moscow will Host a Meeting with the Taliban on Afghanistan Today

Moscow will host today an international meeting on Afghanistan with the participation of the Taliban, AFP reported.

The agency notes that Russia, which presents itself as a guarantor of stability in Central Asia, will use the forum to signal to the Islamist movement its concern about the rise of jihadist groups, and will stress the danger of a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

Pandora Papers Leak Is Part of Biden's Plans to Fight Corruption - Russia's Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova pointed out Washington's plans to make fighting corruption a key national security task, commenting on the publication of the Pandora Papers - a massive leak of millions of documents about offshore bank accounts of world's lead politicians and celebrities.

What the Russians said to NATO and the EU: "Tell Pristina"

Russian diplomacy instructed NATO and the European Union to influence Pristina to withdraw forces from the north of Kosovo and Metohija in order to prevent further escalation, reports Sputnik.
KFOR patrols arrived in Jarinje earlier in order to "preserve security and freedom of movement", reports Sputnik.

North Macedonia Expels Another Russian Diplomat

North Macedonian authorities have expelled one more Russian diplomat, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani confirmed at a press conference on Tuesday. 

"The information is correct," he said when asked if the country was expelling a Russian diplomat. "Since the information of this sort is confidential, I can't go into much detail."