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Gulyevich: We won't be persuading anyone RSHC is not military base

The new Russian director of the Russian-Serbian Humanitarian Center says he has no intention of persuading anyone that the facility is not a military base.

The arrival of Viktor Gulyevich, "a Baikal commander," to Nis, a town in southern Serbia, has stirred spirits when it comes to the Center (RSHC), Sputnik said.

Russia to Croatia: Tackle your own deep-rooted problems

Russia has called on Croatia to refrain from offering Ukraine its "peaceful reintegration experiences," and instead "tackle its own deep-rooted problems."

These problems, a Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement said on Tuesday, concern the rights of Serbs and other ethnic minorities in Croatia.

Russian Army shows off new tank ahead of Victory Day

Russian Army shows off new tank ahead of Victory Day

MOSCOW -- Russia's new tank, Armata T-14, has been shown publicly for the first time on Tuesday in Moscow.

The new tanks, the design of which is described by Russian and some western experts as "superior to all western models," will take part in the Victory Day military parade on Saturday.