Save Romania Union

AUR's censure motion: Sacking of Citu Government, only chance for Romania to live!

Romania is led by a government of national carelessness, prepared "to bury Romania in a plastic bag, without religious service, without spilling a tear" and "does not look like a country ruled in the interest of its inhabitants", AUR (Alliance for the Union of Romanians) said on Friday in the motion of no confidence against the Citu Government.

AUR's Simion: AUR never was, never will be USR ally; Citu government will fall

Co-chair of the opposition Alliance for the Union of Romanians (AUR) George Simion says his party has not entered any alliance with the Save Romania Union - Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party (USR PLUS) alliance, junior in the ruling coalition, but with the Romanians, predicting that the Citu government will fall. "As I have promised the Romanians, Prime Minister Citu will fall.

USR PLUS Ciolos: Calling it a joint motion of USR PLUS and AUR is malicious, not intimidating

Co-chairman of the Save Romania Union - Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party (USR PLUS) alliance, minor at rule, Dacian Ciolos says that calling the alliance's motion of censure a joint one with controversial opposition Alliance for the union of Romanians (AUR) is malicious, adding that its text will reach all parties, including the lawmakers of the National Liberal party (PNL), major at rule, a

Barna: We will demand the resignation of the prime minister, motion of censure is ready

Co-chairman of the Save Romania Union - Freedom, Unity and Solidarity Party (USR PLUS) alliance, minor at rule, Dan Barna said on Thursday that at the coalition meeting on Friday evening the party he represents intends to try the "elegant way" and demand the honorary resignation of Prime Minister Florin Citu, mentioning that, if that does not happen, he will resort to a ready to use motion of c

PSD's Ciolacu: PSD endorsing minority gov't headed by Florin Citu, out of the question

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) is willing to vote for a censure motion filed by USR PLUS (Save Romania Union - Party of Liberty Unity and Solidarity Alliance) and AUR, as endorsing minority government headed by Florin Citu is out of the question, PSD leader Marcel Ciolacu said on Thursday evening. "There is but one censure motion.

USR PLUS Co-Chair Dacian Ciolos: Premier Citu has huge integrity issues

Co-Chairman of the Save Romania Union - Freedom, Unity, and Solidarity Party (USR PLUS) Dacian Ciolos considers that a Prime Minister who sacks the Justice Minister for not putting the seal of approval on a legislative project the Premier is pushing for and appoints an interim who approves the same project "under which his own party gets 10 billion euros" has "huge integrity issues".

PSD publishes censure motion text against Citu Gov't

The Social Democratic Party (PSD) published, on Thursday, the text of the censure motion against the Citu Government. The document, titled "Stop poverty, price increases and criminals! Down with the Citu Government!," claims that the only solution for Romania exiting the continuous political, economic and social crisis is for the Citu Government to renounce the country's leadership urgently.

USR PLUS and AUR would have 122 signatures for censure motion (USR's Mosteanu)

The leader of the Chamber of Deputies group of the Save Romania Union - Party of Liberty, Unity and Solidarity (USR PLUS), Ionut Mosteanu, stated that the representatives of the Union have contacted all political parties in view of supporting an eventual censure motion.