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Death of a Premier: How Serbia’s Rotten System Enabled Zoran Djindjic’s Killers

The second was Zoran Vukojevic, a former policeman who was working as a security guard at gang leader Spasojevic's house.

The third was Branislav Bezarevic, who worked for the Security Information Agency, BIA, Serbia's national intelligence agency, and was Vukojevic's friend from police school.

Security situation stable despite challenges, threats - bureau

BELGRADE - The Serbian Bureau for Coordination of Security Services concluded on Monday the security situation in the country was stable despite numerous challenges and threats to national security and that all security services were working actively to eliminate any security risk to peace and stability in the country and the region and to Serbian citizens.

"During Vučić's term of office, marijuana will not be legalized"

In the course of presenting reports to the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and Internal Affairs on the work of internal control, the work of the Ministry of the Interior in the period from October to December 2020, as well as the security situation from July to December 2020, Minister of Interior said that political stability is a precondition for any other stability.

Stefanović: The fight against organized crime is not over VIDEO

"The first and most important topic was the current situation in Kosovo and Metohija, where we discussed the situation that is complex for us. We want to provide safety of the Serbian population. We want to send a message that we will not allow any pogrom and expulsion of the Serbian population," Stefanovic said.

Associate of Velja Nevolja in the company of two state prosecutors, Dolovac reacted

At the time of his arrest, Djukanovic was in the company of Tomo Zoric, a member of the State Prosecutors' Council, and Milica Ljubicic, a deputy of the Second Basic Public Prosecutor.
Also in Pancevo, two people close to the criminal clan of Velja Nevolja and Marko Miljkovi Mare were detained.