Senate Foreign Relations Committee

President Biden Plans Tough Sanctions against Belarus, “North Korea of Europe”

A top American diplomat told Congress on Wednesday that the Biden administration plans to impose additional sanctions on the authoritarian regime in Belarus — a significant step as lawmakers agitate for tougher punishments against a top ally of Vladimir Putin.

The DFC: Countering China and Russia in Greece and the Balkans with US investments

On today's episode we explore the work that the US International Development Finance Corporation - or the DFC - is doing in Greece and the Western Balkans, and how it is an important tool for the US to counter efforts by China and Russia to make inroads into this region.

Joe Biden: America’s incoming multilateral, transatlanticist president

In many respects, }Joe Biden is a known quantity on the foreign policy level. A committed internationalist, Biden believes in the value of alliances, treaties, open economies and US leadership. He is a strong advocate of the transatlantic partnership, with an almost perfect attendance record at the annual Munich Security Conference, the equivalent of Davos for defense and geopolitics.

Turkish envoy slams US senators for Uyghurs comments

Turkey's Ambassador to U.S., Serdar Kılıç, hit back on May 22 at two American senators for comments regarding Ankara's treatment of Uyghurs.

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Senator Jim Risch, shared a news report on Twitter that claimed Ankara reversed some of its support for Uyghurs and Turkish police are questioning refugees fleeing China's crackdown.

Turkish, US officials discuss developments in Syria

Turkish and U.S. officials met on Feb. 12 in the capital Ankara to discuss the latest developments in northwestern Syria.

Deputy Defense Minister Yunus Emre Karaosmanoğlu, U.S. special envoy for Syria James Jeffrey and U.S. ambassador to Turkey Michael Satterfield exchanged views on regional security issues, especially the situation in Idlib province.

US Senator says Turkey-Libya maritime border deal ‘outrageous’

A contested memorandum of understanding delimitating maritime borders between Turkey and Libya's Government of National Accord (GNA) based in Tripoli is "outrageous" and based on a "flawed reading of international law," a US Senator said on Wednesday during a discussion at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee about US Policy towards Libya.