Parliament to mark 67th anniversary of Romania's UNESCO membership

The Joint Standing Committee on UNESCO of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate begins a series of events dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Romania's membership in the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, with a roundtable conference scheduled for today to discuss challenges and solutions for UNESCO world heritage in Romania.

Domestic Flights to Be Banned in France to Curb Carbon Emissions

France launched yet another initiative, aimed at curbing carbon emissions. Under new amendments in legislation all domestic flights that could be substituted by train travel for under two and a half hour routes will be permanently suspended, Reuters reported. The move is the last in a series of actions targeted to lower green house gases.

Senate's Dragu: Dismantling of SIIJ and justice laws, good arguments for lifting of CVM

Senate President Anca Dragu considers that Romania has taken the necessary steps to eliminating the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) this year, a fact also acknowledged by the Vice President of the European Commission, Vera Jourova. "I was in this video conference with Vera Jourova, vice-president of the European Commission, and she said that Romania could get rid of this CVM.

World Tuberculosis Day/Dragu: Romania must make every effort to treat those with this condition

Bucharest, March 24 /Agerpres/ - The President of the Senate, Anca Dragu, drew attention, on Wednesday, on the occasion of the World Tuberculosis Day, that Romania must make every effort to protect and treat the patients suffering from this condition.

Ceiling of combined state aid support for HORECA businesses increased to 1,800,000 euros

The Senate plenary adopted on Monday OUG No. 10/2021 on a set of specific financial support measures for the COVID-affected tourism companies; the regulatory act was amended so as to increase the ceiling for the combined state aid support to 1,800,000 euros from 800,000 euros. OUG No. 10/2021 aims at removing certain deficiencies identified by the European Commission of OUG No.

Official Dragu: Digital vaccination certificate, a ticket for returning to life before COVID-19 pandemic

Digital vaccination certificate, a project proposed by the European Commission is like "a ticket" that we need to get in order to be able to return to our life before the CVID-19 pandemic, the President of the Senate, Anca Dragu, stated on Monday. "We believe that this is a ticket to freedom, which will help us return to our life before the pandemic. No.