Serbian Army

Operation "Flash" 26 years later: We were expelled only because of our Serbian origin

In 36 hours, 15.000 Serbs were expelled from Western Slavonia, which was part of the then Republika Srpska Krajina and under UN protection, while 283 Serbs were killed.
More than 16.000 members of the Croatian armed forces marched on Western Slavonia on May 1, with about 15.000 inhabitants and 4.000 soldiers.

Crime footage shown; Vučić: We're done with this gang, the others - you're done VIDEO

Vui addressed the nation after the session of the National Security Council, which lasted for three hours and had several points.
The first point is Kosovo, the second vaccines and the fight against the COVID-19. As he stated, the third item on the agenda was the fight against organized crime.

Vučić: Serbia is not a punching bag; "We know who their target is" VIDEO

The military exercise, which showed the training of the 72nd Brigade for special operations of the Serbian Army called "Spearhead 2021", began at 11 a.m. in the "Rastko Nemanjic" barracks in Pancevo, in the presence of President Aleksandar Vucic.
The 63rd Parachute Brigade and part of the Air Force and Air Defense units also took part.

Sutanovac: Military service has not been abolished, it can be easily introduced VIDEO

"Mandatory military service has not been abolished, but suspended. If the country comes under threat, that can easily change," Sutanovac said at the start of conversation.
Vlade Radulovi, a military analyst, says that he did not notice that someone mentioned the issue of reintroducing military service in the pre-election race.

Serbian Commissioner Backs BIRN in Info Requests on War Crimes Fugitive

Serbia's information commissioner has ordered the country's interior ministry to provide the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network with information BIRN requested concerning war crimes fugitive Rajko Kozlina, sentenced in late 2019 by a Serbian court to 15 years in prison but who remains at large.