Serbian Ministry of Defense

Serbia Proposes Reinstating Compulsory Military Service for National Defense

The General Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces has recommended the re-establishment of a four-month mandatory military service, as reported by the Serbian channel N1. The Serbian Ministry of Defense underscores that this move aims to fortify the nation's defense capabilities by invigorating the reserve force through active training and reinforcement.

Croatia threatens Serbia: "We will block Serbia's path towards EU"

Croatia now cites the problem of archival material, which Belgrade allegedly refuses to return to Zagreb, as the reason for such a threat.
Zagreb's Vecernji list claims that Belgrade refuses to return the archives belonging to it to Zagreb, even though, as they say, Serbia has signed an agreement on succession.

21 years since the NATO bombing

The sirens were heard for 78 days and the total number of casualties was never determined. An estimated 1,200 to 2,500 people were killed in the 11 weeks, with total material damage estimated at tens of billions of dollars.
The attack on Serbia, or the FRY, was carried out without UN Security Council approval, which was a precedent.