Serbian Orthodox Church

"Montenegro is officially occupied"

In an extensive interview for Podgorica's Pobjeda, Boskovic said that the current government does not share such concern because, as he states, they are not up to the responsibilities of the functions they perform and "their intentions towards Montenegro and preserving the civic concept of the state are very questionable." finds out: Documents that Vučić will show in Brussels; 80 incidents in Kosovo

As we find out, Vui will speak at the meeting about as many as 80 religiously and ethnically motivated attacks on Serbs and the Serbian Orthodox Church in Kosovo and Metohija, just since the start of this year.
All the incidents that President Vui will talk about at this meeting happened from the beginning of this year to July 12.

Serbian Orthodox Church flag at the entrance of Gracanica monastery stolen and broken

As Radio Television Gracanica reports, the case was reported to the police and the investigation is ongoing.
In the meantime, a photo of the flag appeared on social networks, where a masked person allegedly trampled on the stolen flag, holding the Albanian flag in his hands. The abbot of the monastery Visoki Decani, Sava Janjic also reacted to the mentioned picture.

"The Kosovo battle represents nothing but a chauvinistic orgy... It's a lie"

According to him, this means announcing an international competition for a memorial that will reflect the role of the Dardanian factor in the Middle Ages within feudal formations that were equal factors in the devastated area of Byzantium in the circumstances before the schism of Christianity.