Serbian Police

Special report: How Balkan gangsters became Europe’s top cocaine suppliers

In 2018, convicted cocaine trafficker Slobodan Kostovski fled a Brazilian prison and made his way back to Europe with a fake passport.

The Serbian senior quickly fell into old habits, police allege. Last August, Kostovski was arrested in Belgrade, accused of shipping 2.7 metric tonnes of cocaine from Brazil aboard a 22-meter vessel apprehended near Spain's Canary Islands.

Pristina court acquits Kosovo-Metohija Serb of war crimes charges

PRISTINA - A Pristina court on Monday acquitted a Kosovo-Metohija Serb of charges of alleged war crimes committed against civilians during the 1999 conflict in Kosovo-Metohija.

The ruling said Zlatan Arsic from Ajnovce near Kosovska Kamenica was acquitted due to a lack of evidence by prosecutors.

Two teenagers suspected of ordering bomb alerts that targeted Belgrade schools

BELGRADE - Serbian police, in cooperation with the Special Public Prosecutor's Office for High-Technology Crime, have identified and found two teenagers from Belgrade suspected of ordering bomb alerts that have recently been sent to their schools in the Serbian capital.

Serbian police identify perpetrators behind bomb alerts, including one person abroad

BELGRADE - Serbian police said on Monday they had identified several Serbian nationals and one person located abroad as the perpetrators behind a series of false bomb alerts that have targeted Belgrade schools over the past weeks, unsettling pupils, parents and school employees.

Serbian Authorities Detain Bulgarian Resident on Espionage Allegations

Serbian police have apprehended a 61-year-old man from Bosilegrad, identified as L.G., on suspicions of espionage for Bulgaria, revealed the Supreme Prosecutor's Office in Vranje. The individual, Lyuben Grigorov, a retired reserve officer from the former Yugoslav army, faced a 30-day detention after a prolonged surveillance operation by Serbian authorities.