Serbian Police

Montenegro Court Accused of Letting 'Coup' Witness Flee

Montenegro's main opposition alliance, the Democratic Front, accused the court and prosecution in Podgorica of negligence, alleging that Sasa Sindjelic had been allowed to abscond so he can avoid serving a 21-year jail sentence in Croatia.

The Democratic Front claimed on Monday that Sindjelic has left the country and is reportedly in Serbia.

Rebic: Serbian authorities must join investigation urgently

BELGRADE - The Serbian Interior Ministry said Wednesday Police Director Vladimir Rebic had spoken with Eulex officials, insisting that Serbian state authorities urgently join the investigation of the assassination of Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic and that all available information on the murder be sent to the Serbian police immediately.

"Torched car belonged to deceased Serb from Austria"

Ivanovic was shot dead from a moving car on January 16, in northern Kosovska Mitrovica. According to reports, this car was later found torched near the scene.

Rebic added that since being owned by the Serb - who is deceased - the vehicle was subsequently sold several times, and that the police were trying to find out who the last owner was.

Belgrade: Australian, Lebanese cocaine smugglers arrested

Thy are suspected of being members of an organized crime group that is involved in cocaine smuggling.

According to the the MUP, the arrests were carried out in cooperation with the Organized Crime Prosecution, and came after an investigation that lasted nine months, during which the Serbian police worked with Australian authorities.

Belgrade: Montenegrin crime clan member gunned down

A 41-year-old Montenegrin citizen has been killed with multiple shots from firearms while in his vehicle in central Belgrade's Internacionalnih Brigada St.

The N1 broadcaster is reporting this on Tuesday, adding that the murder of D.B., whose body was found in the car, took place around midnight on January.

Migrants Cluster Near Serbia-Croatia Border

More than a hundred refugees and migrants were still wandering around the Serbian border town of Sid on December 27 one day after Serbian police broke up a protest there.

A few dozen people had protested at the border line between Serbia and Croatia on December 26 and were demanding to continue their trip toward Western Europe.