Serbia's government

Serbian Activists Doubt Govt’s Sincerity in Cancelling Lithium Mine

After Serbia's government on Wednesday revoked a key decree greenlighting Rio Tinto's controversial lithium mining project, activists said they did not trust government promises that the mining project is over for good, fearing what might happen after elections in April.

Kosovo Serb Minister’s Sacking Unlikely Despite ‘Kristallnacht’ Accusation

Responding to calls to dismiss a Kosovo Serb government minister, Goran Rakic, head of the Belgrade-backed Srpska Lista party, after his controversial statements, Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti on Thursday said sacking him would not help anything.

"The issue is not Rakic. Dismissal would turn him into an issue," Kurti said on Thursday, ahead of municipal elections due on Sunday.

Protesters and Police Maintain Uneasy Stand-off at Kosovo Border

The special force's officers who have just ended their shift experienced a calm but cold night in the valley since they took over the night before. But heavy rain made their three-kilometre walk past a series of roadblocks set up by protesting Kosovo Serbs more difficult. As they approached the blockades, the protesters silently made way for them to pass.

Twitter Labels Numerous Media Accounts in Serbia ‘State Affiliated’

Twitter has started to label accounts belonging to various pro-government media in Serbia as state-affiliated media.

Among those it deems affiliated with Serbia's government are the dailies Srpski Telegraf, Kurir, Informer, Politika, and three free-to-air channels - Happy, Prva TV and B92, RTV Pink's online portal, as well as the news agency Tanjug.

UN Rights Rapporteur: Govts Using ‘Anti-Terror’ Laws to Target Critics

Her commitment to human rights then led her to Front Line Defenders, an organisation she herself founded in 2001 and played a key role in as executive director for 15 years.

In May this year Lawlor, now 68, continued her professional path in the field, becoming the UN's Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders, HRDs.

Serbia Tightens Cyber-Security As Internet Crime Rises

Serbia's government plans to strengthen the country's cyber-security and the capacity of the police and military to prevent hacking attacks amid a marked rise last year in hi-tech crime.

According to the Cybercrime Strategy, Serbia will establish several units within the police, military and customs to fight online crimes.