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PSD's Ecaterina Andronescu: PSD chair must take a step back; we need a gov't of super professionals

Bucharest, Aug 14 /Agerpres/ - The Social Democratic Party (PSD) Senator [ex-Education Minister - editor&#39;s note] Ecaterina Andronescu on Tuesday asked the leader of this political entity to take a step back "to the benefit of Romania and of the PSD," also adding that in the shortest while the party should come "with a new Prime Minister and a new PSD government of super professionals."<

PSD: Instead of being the elected one to unite (us), Iohannis chooses to become the Divider

The Social Democratic Party (PSD), major at rule, claims that President of Romania Klaus Iohannis has allowed himself to "encourage anarchic, anti-PSD and anti-governmental street protests," urging him "to show responsibility, behave and act as president of the Romanians, to contribute to the consolidation of democratic rights and liberties, of a genuine rule of law."