Sofiamed University Hospital

Bulgarian Expert: We Expect a Double Epidemic - from Influenza and Coronavirus

"We expect a double epidemic in our country - from influenza and coronavirus. Maybe we will have a more severe flu season." Such a forecast was made in the studio of "Sabudi Se" on Nova TV by Georgi Popov, an expert on infectious diseases at Sofiamed University Hospital. According to him, the health system will withstand the pressure.

Bulgarian Doctor: The Unvaccinated “Hold Together” the Pandemic Chain

"First of all, we must protect the life and health of Bulgarian citizens. The only effective tool at this time is vaccination. Bulgaria has a great chance to be part of the developed world, to receive the best vaccines against COVID-19 in the world, in a timely manner, in unlimited quantities and to administer them free of charge." This was stated in an interview with BGNES by Dr.

Bulgarian Immunologist: New Coronavirus Strain May Not Be Affected by Existing Vaccines

The latest strain of the coronavirus looms large on the horizon, and there is a risk of other new strains appearing. It is highly unlikely that 2021 will mark be the end of the epidemic, according to Assoc. Prof. Velizar Shivarov, Head of the Clinical Immunology Laboratory at Sofiamed University Hospital.