Specialist Prosecutor's Office

Hague Prosecutors Summon Former Kosovo Guerrilla Commander

A lawyer representing Azem Syla said on Monday evening that the former senior Kosovo Liberation Army officer has been invited for questioning by the Kosovo Specialist Prosecution in The Hague, which is investigating alleged violations by KLA fighters during and just after the 1998-99 war.

Kosovo Justice Minister Faces Questioning by Hague Prosecutors

Justice Minister Abelard Tahiri confirmed on Wednesday evening that he has been summoned by the Specialist Prosecution in The Hague to give an interview at the end of October.

"Two weeks ago, I received an invitation by the Specialist Prosecutor to go there in the end of this month in the capacity of a witness," Tahiri told Pristina-based Dukagjini TV.

Hague Prosecutors to Quiz Kosovo Security Force Captain

The Kosovo Specialist Prosecution has asked a former commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, Petrit Bojaxhiu, to come to the The Hague to answer questions about his conduct during the independence war of the late 1990s.

Bojaxhiu is currently serving as captain of the Kosovo Security Force.

The Dragash/Dragas War Veterans Organisation condemned the summons in a statement.

Hague Prosecutors Summon Haradinaj Ally for Questioning

The Hague-based Kosovo Specialist Prosecution has summoned Lulzim Kabashi, a former commander of the Kosovo Liberation Army, KLA, for questioning on allegations of crimes committed during the Kosovo independence war of the late-1990s.

"I have been invited by Hague prosecutors in the capacity of witness," Kabashi told BIRN.

He is due in The Hague on 24 September.