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Bulgaria: 500 Ukrainian Refugees chose to Spend the Night in the Wagons in Elhovo (VIDEO)

Most of the Ukrainian refugees refused to enter the wagons located in the temporary distribution centers due to the conditions in them and stayed for hours in the buses.

"Organization - zero, information - zero. Nothing! We got off the bus and they left us," said one of the refugees.

After the Refugees Fiasco in Varna: Just Say if You Don’t Want Help, Don’t Waste Resources

Although most of the Ukrainian refugees accommodated in hotels in Varna and the region asked to leave and asked the state to provide them with shelter, they did not want to leave their hotels. This reluctance of the refugees to comply with the request of the state and the effort to provide them with shelter surprised the chairwoman of the State Agency for Refugees Mariana Tosheva.

Bulgarian Foreign Minister: The Risk for Bulgaria is related to the Security in the Black Sea region

The main risks facing Bulgaria are related to security in the Black Sea region, as well as hybrid and cyber-attacks. This was stated by Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska in connection with the Russia-Ukraine conflict and NATO-Russian tensions during an extraordinary session of parliament scheduled at the request of GERB.

Democratic Bulgaria Wants Independent Audit of Voting Machines

Democratic Bulgaria sent a letter to the management of the State Agency for Electronic Government (DAEU), urging guarantees that an independent inspection of the voting machines would take place on July 11th.

Political coalition emphasizes that it is therefore necessary to give access to experts appointed by the political parties to the source code of the software of the machines.

Bulgaria: Prosecution Office Opens Six Cases in US Magnitsky Sanctions Followup

Acting on its own initiative, Bulgaria's prosecution service has instituted six case files after the US Treasury Department and State Department announced on Wednesday that they are sanctioning a total of six Bulgarians over their involvement in significant corruption. 

Government Spokesman Kutev: Looks Like there Is War between Bulgarian Institutions

Shortly after the Prosecutor's office charged a senior police chief with being part of an organized crime group, on June 2, caretaker Government's spokesperson Anton Kutev said that the actions of the Prosecutor's office threatened to escalate into a warfare between theinstitutions.

Here is what Kutev said after the meeting of the Council of Ministers:

Interior Minister: Heads of Bulgarian Security Agencies Are on Leave

The cabinet announced the vacations of heads of security services after Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov announced in the morning that the heads of services had been released by the former prime minister Borissov on leave until September.

This was confirmed in the afternoon by the government's press service has now sent the exact dates to the media.