State Investigation and Protection Agency

Bosnia Lacks Border Guards to Handle Migrant Crisis

A shortage of border guards may be hampering Bosnia's ability to stop migrants from illegally entering the country, officials say.

The rulebook on its internal organisation says the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina should have 2,426 officers, but currently has only 2,038, which is 388 less, Franka Vican, a spokeswoman for the state border police, told BIRN.

Bosnia Arrests Suspected Former ISIS Fighters on Return Home

Members of Bosnia's State Investigation and Protection Agency, SIPA, arrested suspected former ISIS fighters in Syria after they landed at Sarajevo airport on Thursday night.

Boris Grubesic, from the State Prosecutor's Office, said the men are suspected of the crime of organising or joining terrorist groups,

Bosnian Charged with Attempting to Join ISIS

Bosnia's state prosecution on Monday charged Ibro Cufurovic with taking part in terrorist activities and with fighting for so-called Islamic State in Syria, ISIS/L, from 2014 until April this year, when he was deported to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The prosecution says Cufurovic travelled to Turkey on April 21, 2014, from where he illegally went to Syria and joined ISIS/ISIL forces.

Top Bosnian Judicial Official Faces Disciplinary Probe

The Office of the Disciplinary Prosecutor, UDT, of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina, HJPC, on Friday filed a disciplinary action against Milan Tegeltija, president of the HJPC, for "a serious violation of official duty, jeopardizing public trust in the impartiality and credibility of the judiciary".