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Bosnian Charged with Attempting to Join ISIS

Bosnia's state prosecution on Monday charged Ibro Cufurovic with taking part in terrorist activities and with fighting for so-called Islamic State in Syria, ISIS/L, from 2014 until April this year, when he was deported to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The prosecution says Cufurovic travelled to Turkey on April 21, 2014, from where he illegally went to Syria and joined ISIS/ISIL forces.

Montenegro Set Finally to Elect Supreme Prosecutor

After an 18-month delay and four failed votes in parliament, Montenegrin MPs looked set on Tuesday to finally elect a new Supreme State Prosecutor.

Supreme Court Judge Ivica Stankovic was tipped to take over as head of the state prosecution office, tasked with cracking down on organized crime and corruption - on which the European Union wishes to see much more progress.