Supreme Administrative Court

Bulgarian e-Government Minister Assigned Security Amid Threats

In a recent development, the Minister of e-Government in Bulgaria, Aleksandar Yolovski, has been provided with security by a prosecutor's decree. The move comes after evidence was gathered indicating threats against the minister, reportedly linked to the awarding of public contracts.

Local Elections: Bulgarians can Vote with Machines in the Runoff on Sunday

The Supreme Administrative Court annulled the Central Elections Commission's decision regarding the annulment of the machine vote. This means that Bulgarians can vote by machine on the Sunday runoff. Appeals from yesterday's vote have been dismissed.

The decision of the Supreme Court cannot be appealed. It is up to the CEC to make a decision.

The Court in Strasbourg Stopped Bulgaria from Returning an Iranian Citizen with a Death Sentence

The European Court of Human Rights stopped the Bulgarian authorities from returning to Iran a man sentenced to death there. This happened after the Bulgarian lawyer Sofia Razboinikova asked the institution to impose temporary measures and the court granted the request.

Bulgaria’s President defined the Project for Changes in the Constitution as Illiterate and Wicked

"The project to amend the Constitution is legally illiterate and politically wicked. This is seen by both constitutionalists and citizens", announced  President Rumen Radev after his participation in the forum "The Automotive industry against the government".

Russians: Out of 200 Asylum Applications in Bulgaria only 8 were Approved

From February 24 2022 when Russia invaded Ukraine, until April of this year, more than 200 applications were submitted to the Bulgarian State Agency for Refugees requesting the granting of political asylum to citizens of the Russian Federation. Of these, only 8 were approved, according to data from the emigrant organization "For Free Russia", founded in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Court denied Asylum to an opponent of Putin: “There is No Danger for him in Russia”

"There is no reason to accept that the official authorities in the Russian Federation are indiscriminately carrying out mass repressions against citizens expressing in one way or another dissatisfaction with the president's policy".