Supreme Court

Bulgaria: Ivan Geshev remains Prosecutor General with only 2 Votes "In Favor" of his Removal

The Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) refused to prematurely terminate the mandate of the Prosecutor General. Only two of the members of the Supreme Court - Atanaska Disheva and Olga Kerelska - were "in favor" of the removal of Ivan Geshev, all the other 16 voted "against" and so he remains in his post. The Prosecutor General did not participate in the vote.

Top court rejects Janša appeal against statute-barring of Patria case

Ljubljana – The Constitutional Court has rejected an appeal by former PM Janez Janša against the statute barring of the Patria defence deal bribery case. While Janša felt denied a chance to prove his innocence, the top court claims he had no legal interest, as statute barring is fully equivalent to an acquittal, meaning he is considered innocent.

Court ruling in high-profile femicide case faces backlash

The murderer of university student Pınar Gültekin, Cemal Metin Avcı has been served with a reduced prison sentence of 23 years on the grounds of "unjust provocation" on June 20.

The 13th hearing of the case was held at the Muğla 3rd High Criminal Court.

Avcı stated that he was remorseful and said that he committed the murder alone.