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Jailed leader of Greek far-right party seeks to get around election ban

Ilias Kasidiaris, the jailed former MP and spokesperson for the Greek National Party (Ellines), is reportedly considering to install former prosecutor Anastasios (Tasos) Kanellopoulos as formal leader of his far-right party in an attempt to evade a potential election ban. 

Week in Review: A Rule of Law Struggle

Criminal Ties

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In 2015, North Macedonia took what was then both a revolutionary and controversial step in the region by legalizing the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes. Since 2017, the industry truly took off in the country, encouraged by a government which saw it as an economic growth opportunity.

Justices must disclose travel and gifts under new rules

Supreme Court justices will be required to disclose more of their activities, including some free trips, air travel and other types of gifts, according to rules adopted earlier this month.

Under the new rules, justices and other federal judges must report travel by private jet, as well as stays at commercial properties, such as hotels, resorts or hunting lodges.