Supreme Judicial Council

Bulgaria Govt Moves Towards Removing Controversial Chief Prosecutor

The Bulgarian Constitutional Court's decision to allow the justice minister to request the dismissal of Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev came into force on Tuesday - a step forward for the government's aim of removing the man it sees as an obstacle to the reform of the justice system and the implementation of anti-corruption measures.

Bulgarian Constitutional Court Decided: The Minister of Justice may Demand the Resignation of the Prosecutor General

The Minister of Justice may make a proposal to the Supreme Judicial Council for the early release of the Prosecutor General, as well as to the chairmen of the Supreme Court of Cassation and the Supreme Administrative Court. This was ruled by the Constitutional Court on Tuesday. The decision was taken unanimously - with 10 votes in favor.

Council of Europe expects Urgent Reduction in the Influence of the Bulgarian Prosec. Gen. on the SJC

Urgent measures are needed to reduce the Prosecutor General's influence on the next Supreme Judicial Council (SJC) in Bulgaria. This is stated in the assessment of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on our implementation of the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Almost Certain: Lozan Panov is Democratic Bulgaria’s Candidate for President

Lozan Panov is the most likely candidate for Democratic Bulgaria for president, according to OFFNews sources. This was initially announced by the Factor website, and according to Mediapool, he will be nominated for the post by the Initiative Committee in the next few days and will be supported by Democratic Bulgaria. The initiative for the nomination comes from the NGO Justice for Everyone.

Bulgaria's Supreme Judicial Council Approves Six European Delegated Prosecutors

Meeting on Friday, the 11-member Prosecutors Chamber of the Supreme Judicial Council approved six European Delegated Prosecutors (EDPs) from Bulgaria after two days of hearings of all applicants for the position. A total of 23 Bulgarian magistrates (6 judges, 15 prosecutors and 2 investigating magistrates) applied for the position.

ITN Achieve Understanding on Number of Cabinet Members in Talks with Democratic Bulgaria and Rise Up BG

There Is Such a People (ITN) achieved complete understanding and substantial similarity on a number of sectors in their talks with Democratic Bulgaria, Rise Up BG!Here We Come! and BSP for Bulgaria. This transpired from a declaration of the TISP Parliamentary Group that its Deputy Floor Leader Filip Stanev read, addressing a plenary sitting of Bulgaria's Parliament on Wednesday.

Bulgaria's Prоsecutor General under Fire again

Attempts by the outgoing caretaker government to oust Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, who served under the previous government of Boyko Borissov, are continuing.

On Tuesday acting Interior Minister Boyko Rashkov approached the Deputy Chief Prosecutor and Director of the National Investigation Borislav Sarafov with a signal against Geshev for leaked eavesdropping.

Caretaker Minister of Interior Files Official Complain against the Chief Prosecutor for Committed Crimes

The caretaker Minister of Interior, Boyko Rashkov, has filed a complain against Chief Prosecutor, Ivan Geshev, to the Director of the National Investigation Service, Borislav Sarafov.

Rashkov announced this on July 27 after an award ceremony for directors of regional directorates of the MoI for good performance of their duties.